The Babadook – Horror Movie

The Babadook

The Babadook (2014) was written and directed by Jennifer Kent. Starring Essie Davis (Game of Thrones), Noah Wiseman, and Daniel Henshall.


The Babadook is a tale grief and being able to control and understand what is going on with it. The story stays pretty closely around Sam and Amelia. Sam is the son of Amelia and Oskar, in which Oskar died. Amelia is left picking up the pieces and holding her tiny family together. This film was an excruciatingly slow-burn, starting with the emotional drainage of Amelia and displaying the outburst of the tyrannically disturbed child Samuel.


Unfortunately the way that this film was created if I were to ever meet the poor child, Noah Wiseman in person I would punch him in the face. He’s entirely too annoying, whether that is his acting style or merely him showing through, I cannot tell. His constant screaming and yelling at his mother, makes me want to beat this child relentlessly and I’m not that kind of person. He definitely makes it easy to see why Amelia wants to pull out her hair and never get out of bed ever again.


Samuel after getting kicked out of school for being destructive and non-cooperative, decides that his mother must read to him. He pulls out a seemingly childish fairy-tale pop-up book called Mister Babadook. As she reads the tale she notices that the story is way more adult then it’s led to believe. Mister Babadook is a monster that if you are aware of him, he will engulf/eat you take over your body and kill everyone in the vicinity. Yay! That seems reasonable.

So, Amelia now away that Babadook is a monster starts to lose her mind even more than what the viewers thought possible. I have to say here that so far an hour of my life has been sucked away by a screaming, annoying child and now I’m watching as the mother of said child completely loses it. I want to join her. I really do. The child eventually calms down enough that you start to actually care if he lives and you watch as the Babadook takes over Amelia.


Samuel in his annoying little way has created monster killing weapons, that doesn’t kill the monster at all but annoys it. THERE IS AN UNNECESSARY ANIMAL DEATH in the film that almost made me turn off the film. It was a long, hard watch, but I finally reached the end and you realize ****SPOILER**** that Babadook is just the emotion grief that Amelia was never able to feel because she was trying to be strong for Samuel. She locks it up in the basement after a tedious battle, she keeps it there with her husbands items and feeds it.

I may not have liked this film for the content, but the story, acting, and even the visuals were really well-done. It did not deserve the title of best horror film to come out in 2014 but it can be called a great Arthouse horror film. I feel like the slow-burn, annoying kid, and the monsters not well-hidden personification was a kink in the film.

I give this film 5.5 slowly opening closet doors out of 10.