Priestess of Hell

Greetings my fiends. I go by Priestess of Hell. I’m the initial creator of the Gore Girls’ website and Facebook page.  My passion for horror started at a very young age and I grew more and more passionate for the taste of blood. I plan on doing reviews more and more as of late, right now they may be written but as I get my equipment together and after my move I will change the format so that they will be videos. I’m getting my Bachelors in Film Productions, so there is so much more to me.  If you would like to contact me about the website, writing, filming, or reviewing anything please email me. If you have questions about something we written email me or my cohorts. We have nothing to hide and we always speak our minds, we will not downgrade our opinions in order to get things. We will offer honest OPINIONS. Please remember everyone has an opinion and none of them are wrong. We can change our opinions at any time, we are women for the sake of Hell.


Please Enjoy and Beware the Brutality of Honesty that We Uphold.